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Do You Think of Yourself as a Community Manager?

John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing has an excellent post this morning regarding community managers. He writes: Organizations fortunate enough to have forward thinking CEOs and marketing departments have even added the role of Community Manager to the org chart. This has become increasingly common, and fulfills an important role in today’s marketing world – […]

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How Long A Name Is Too Long For Google Places?

Local Visibility system has a quick article on Google Places character limits. He starts out mentioning that Google has an 80 character limit on titles for Google Places Pages. But then goes on to say: In terms of the maximum character length of your “business name,” you’ll be fine as long as you work within […]

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Remove Your Competitors From Google Places For $5

There is a hilarious/horrifying listing on, where an offer is being made to remove competitor’s listings from Google Places for $5. It says: Is your competition above you on Google places listings? Are you sitting “C” when you wanna be “A” Listed? We will get your competitors Google places listing bombed faster than a […]

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Maybe A Blog Is Not A Good Idea

I’ve written previously about the benefits of a business blog, and really believe in that article. But I recently across a piece titled Why Content Marketing is Not For You at the UK-based company Base One. It lists four reasons that marketing by creating content (such as blogging) may not be right for some companies. The […]

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Google Tests Cutting Online Booking Sites Out of the Adwords Auction

I wrote last week about Google’s new hotel finder. The company continues to experiment with hotels – Mike Blumenthal has an image of hotel ads in the main search results that include a date selector, hotel prices, and the ability to book a room straight off the ads. It looks very similar to the hotel […]

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The Dealmap Acquired by Google

The New York Times has recently reported on Google’s acquisition of The Dealmap. Their quote from Google says: “We are impressed with what the Dealmap team has accomplished and excited to welcome them to Google,” Google said in an e-mailed statement to DealBook. “We’ve been thrilled with the early success of our commerce offerings, and […]

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Yext Looks to Grow PowerListings: Online Business Listings Service

Techcrunch has an article about a new $10 million funding round for Yext. They are taking the money to help grow their PowerListings service. Previously, Yext had been focused on a pay-per-call offering (read my discussion of Yext’s challenges with that service). PowerListings is already up and running but Yext wants to expand it: With the new […]

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Why It’s OK If Your Facebook Page Doesn’t Have 1,000,000 Fans

The online marketing company Blueglass has an excellent post about Facebook’s Edgerank. Edgerank determines how likely a piece of content is to appear in a Facebook user’s news feed. One of the things discussed in the article is that Pages with fewer fans often have higher Edgerank, likely because their fans may be more engaged. This […]

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Google Introduces Hotel Finder

Google is on a roll with announcements lately, and today added the experimental Hotel Finder. The announcement says: Finding the right hotel can make or break your vacation, so with this in mind, we’re introducing Hotel Finder, a new experimental search tool specifically designed to help you find that perfect hotel. Google Hotel Finder makes […]

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Google+ Shares in Search Results

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land has some interesting examples of shares from Google+ showing up in the search results. He said this was displayed at the bottom of the first results page for “cars.” It only displayed when he was logged in: When hovering over the “Ford Motor Company” link, it displayed a note […]

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