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Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Google created Webmaster Tools to help you understand what Google knows about your website, and to help spot serious problems hurting your search rankings. Read on to learn how to setup Google Webmaster Tools and then get an overview of everything you can do with it. Signing Up To get started with Google Webmaster Tools, […]

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A Guide to Facebook’s Edgerank

When you make an update to your Facebook Page, not all your fans will see it. For some pages, it can be so bad that less than 10% of your fans see the news. And it’s mostly because of Edgerank. What is Edgerank? Facebook users have many friends, and they may like numerous pages as […]

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Becoming The Master of Your Domain

I’ve run into businesses that have actually lost their domain name ( when changing web hosting providers. This is usually because their old provider was an individual that quit the business, or the company was switching to a cheap/free host and didn’t know how do the changeover. This is bad, because you probably chose a […]

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Making The Most of Facebook With Sponsored Stories

Facebook can be tricky. You get a whole bunch of people liking your page and content, but this can easily end up buried in their friends’ feeds. To give companies a way around this (and, of course, to make some money), Facebook created sponsored stories. These are a nice addition for existing Facebook advertisers as […]

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Title Tags: Important, Overlooked, and Misunderstood

Writing great title tags can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to get more search engine traffic – and can even increase the number of visitors you get from social media sites. But the websites of many small businesses ignore title tags or follow bad advice – and drive away potential customers. Read […]

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Using Google Alerts to Monitor Your Company’s Reputation

No matter how small your business, people are writing about you on the web. Monitoring and managing these mentions is referred to as “reputation management.” It’s important even for individuals – to the point that Google recently added a reputation management feature to its user dashboard. Read on for a quick look at reputation management, and an […]

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Getting Started With Google Analytics

One of the great things about running a website is that you can easily track much of what takes place on the site. But a surprising number of small businesses either don’t have this ability setup, or don’t take advantage of it. Google Analytics is a free (and great) program for tracking the activity on your […]

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Getting Your Business Listed

Local online business listings help people find businesses – and can affect your company’s ranking in the search engines. Learn how + where to get listed.

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Using hReview on Your Website

Google scrapes reviews from other websites for Google Places. Traditionally, these came from large local review websites. But now you can get reviews from your site onto Places. Google is starting to include hReview formatted reviews from other websites – and even some from small businesses using hReview. Read on for an hReview how-to. What Is hReview? hReview […]

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Getting Started With Email Marketing

Email marketing is cheap and extremely effective. But there are plenty of areas where you can make mistakes. Read on for ideas as to how you could use it, and how do it right. What’s It For? Email provides a great ROI for many companies. They’re doing things such as: Bringing People Back – Email […]

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