Guest Posting

I accept guest posts on Small Business Shift. They provide an opportunity for you to get your name/website in front of my readers, while contributing helpful content to this site.

If you’re interested, please take a quick read over this page, and then fill out the form at the bottom.

What I’m Looking For

This blog doesn’t have a scheduled number of posts. So I’m happy to add articles that are a good fit for the site, and they can usually be published a few days after submission. But I try to be respectful of my readers, and so am picky as to which articles I accept. Follow these suggestions and you should be published:

  • Be on topic. This site is for small businesses, with a focus on helping them take advantage of the web, and to some extent technology in general. Check out the About page and read some of the blog to get an idea as to what will work.
  • Be original. Please don’t send a rehash of an existing post. There’s a search box at the bottom of the site – use it before writing your article! I’m also generally less-interested in topics that have already been covered ad-nauseum around the web. Anything that will be published here needs to be exclusive to Small Business Shift.
  • Be useful. I try to write articles that provide actionable information. New insights or data can be great as well.
  • Make it good. Your guest post needs to be better than most of my articles. It should be good enough that people will want to share it with others. I’m sorry, but this is pretty much an arbitrary decision on my part – don’t be offended if I decline your article!

How It Works

There’s no need to ask if you can guest post. Just fill out this form with your article, and I’ll read it over. If I’m going to publish it, I’ll let you know (and if not, will try to respond quickly as well – in which case you’re free to use it elsewhere).

I may make small edits, but won’t change anything substantial.

It’s great if you provide a picture – although you need the rights to use it and correct attribution if required. I may add one if you do not.

If you would like to submit a video, slideshow, multiple images, or other form of media – please note that in the post box.

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