Google+ Shares in Search Results

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land has some interesting examples of shares from Google+ showing up in the search results. He said this was displayed at the bottom of the first results page for “cars.” It only displayed when he was logged in:

Ford Showing Up Due to Google+ Sharing

Ford Showing Up Due to Google+ Sharing

When hovering over the “Ford Motor Company” link, it displayed a note that “You Are Connected To Ford Motor Company on Google+.” He goes on to show examples where individuals have shared content and had it appear in the search results (although the attribution was sometimes a bit screwy).

This is a great example of the direction in which search is moving. Those shares and likes, rather than disappearing down a fast moving stream on social media sites, will live on, providing a boost in search. I’ve discussed how reviews will be similarly social, and wrote about this being a primary driver behind the creation of Google+.

It will be interesting to see what Google does if + does not really take off, because Bing has access to similar like data from Facebook, which is dramatically larger than Google+ despite the buzz of the new social network.

To see all the examples from Danny’s article, visit: How Being “Friends” On Google+ Leads To Better Rankings.

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