Remove Your Competitors From Google Places For $5

Garbage Being Taken Out

There is a hilarious/horrifying listing on, where an offer is being made to remove competitor’s listings from Google Places for $5. It says:

Is your competition above you on Google places listings? Are you sitting “C” when you wanna be “A” Listed? We will get your competitors Google places listing bombed faster than a fat man sits down!

The offer goes on to say that they can’t give out exactly how they do this, but that it “involves your competitor getting a LOT of unwanted attention!”

And I thought fake Google Places reviews were bad.

Spotted by Linda Buquet, the full listing is here: seanr76: I will remove your main competitor from page 1 on Google places mwahhahaha for $5 on


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  1. red apples August 1, 2012 at 9:27 am #

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