Would Google Charge for Business Profiles?

Mary Bowling speculates that Google business profiles will be a paid product. She mentions that Google is removing some of the business-controlled sections of Places Pages, and says:

The only person who I’ve heard making announcements about Google Business Profiles is Christian Oestilan, the ads manager for Google+. That alone is an obvious clue.

It’s an interesting thought, and would help explain why Google is so determined to stop businesses from creating + accounts right now. But I would be very surprised if basic business profiles on Google+ have a fee. Both Facebook and Twitter allow free profiles, and Google will want to get as many businesses involved as possible.

We have previously heard that analytics will be available for Google+ business profiles. This could have a charge, or I would guess it is more likely we’ll see something similar to Facebook, where a variety of paid-for ad products are sold to businesses with Facebook pages.

I also imagine we will see some type of integration between Google+ business profiles and Google Places – perhaps there will be a paid option to encourage circling of your business when viewing the Places Page. What do you think?

To read Mary’s full article, visit: Will Google Business Profiles Be Paid Advertising? | OPTIMIZED!.

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