Twitter Is Bad For Your Business

You’ve probably read stories about businesses using Twitter.

As the examples show, there are great ways to use Twitter to grow your business.

But for most companies, it’s just a distraction.

Why do I say that?

Twitter Is Not Widely-Used

Twitter is not that popular. Check this out:

Twitter and Facebook Unique Visitors

The green line is Facebook, the blue line Twitter. (Data’s from Compete).

Notice Facebook gained more unique visitors over the past year than Twitter receives in total. In addition, Twitter’s growth, explosive in early 2009 (before this chart), has leveled off. If you’re trying to reach Twitter’s somewhat geeky audience, it’s great – but if not, there are better channels.

Twitter Takes Time

To make Twitter really work for you, you need to interact. That means logging in regularly, posting and replying. You’re only reaching some 10% of the US population (or less). How much time can you devote to this group?

You’re Not The First

Several companies have received outsize publicity by using Twitter in innovative ways. The opportunity for this will always exist, but the odds are you won’t match their success, as the low-hanging fruit has been picked – it will take a truly innovative approach to get that big Twitter buzz.

You’re Probably Neglecting More Important Stuff

Your business needs to be marketed online. But there is so much to do. Have you even claimed your Google Places listing?

For most companies, Twitter should be near the bottom of the online marketing to-do list. There are exceptions, particularly for businesses that appeal to a tech-savvy audience, but it’s rare for Twitter to be the best place to spend your time. Think about that before you sign up for a business account – and consider looking at other online marketing methods instead.

Do you agree? (Read my counterpoint to this article)

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