A New Business Website Solution

Small Business Shift has some big news. I’m launching a solution for businesses that need a great website, designed for marketing their company, at a very low cost.

How does that work?

WordPress Made Easy

I’ve written about why I think WordPress is pretty much the best solution available for a new website. Those reasons still hold, but I also realize that running a WordPress based site can be a bit too technical. Plus the initial setup can be a bit confusing.

So I’ve setup a multi-site WordPress install, which is how I’ve run many of my websites for a while now. This one is customized for the needs of small businesses, with the plugins and themes that make marketing easier. Plus I’m available to provide help. Right now, when you signup for a $99.95/year pro account, I’ll provide a basic setup for free. Support is available in the forum, and you can always hire me to build out a larger site.

Try It Out

If you would like to see what this is all about, signup for a trial account here. You can also learn more about the great features.

The price is currently set at $99.95/year, and it includes a free basic setup. I don’t expect that deal to last forever, so check out the system today!

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