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Google Makes Places Recommendations Based On People Similar to You

Google has just announced, via their Places Blog, a new twist to online reviews. For some time now, Google has personalized Places by prominently displaying reviews from people in your social circle (that Google knows about). I’ve written about my belief that this will be very important in the future, as more people review businesses […]

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Google Revamps Place Pages, Minimizing 3rd Party Reviews

Yesterday Google announced changes to Google Places Pages. I posted a quick note in my Around The Web section at the time, but would like to dive into it a bit deeper and provide some analysis as well. What’s Changed On Google Places The Place Pages We’ll start at the top (orange edits are mine): A […]

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Review Spam: Will It Be Fixed? (And How To Deal With It Today)

This post was prompted by discussions at Catalyst eMarketing and Blumenthals.com regarding spam reviews of moving companies. It’s a nightmare. You go to your Google Places Page, and see it covered with reviews saying that your business is overpriced, has horrible service, and is pretty much a scam. Sure, not every one of your customers […]

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Using hReview on Your Website

Google scrapes reviews from other websites for Google Places. Traditionally, these came from large local review websites. But now you can get reviews from your site onto Places. Google is starting to include hReview formatted reviews from other websites – and even some from small businesses using hReview. Read on for an hReview how-to. What Is hReview? hReview […]

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Visual Website Optimizer Review

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) aims to make it simple for anyone to test different variations of their website. This is a focus for many successful Internet companies, but has traditionally been difficult for most small businesses.

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Respond To Reviews On Google Places

Google announced today that they are now allowing businesses to respond to reviews on Google Places. This is great news, because online reviews are increasingly important for consumers. The ability to respond gives you some control over how your business is portrayed.

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Getting Your Business Reviewed

Consumer reviews, left at sites such as Google Maps or Yelp.com, are becoming increasingly important (and will be even more critical in the future). The question is, how can you get more of these valuable ratings?

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Do Your Customers Love You?
Then You’ll Love The Future

The future, when word of mouth is all-powerful, is on its way. Is your business prepared?

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Then You’ll Love The Future
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