Why Google Doesn’t Provide Support

There’s a thread at Google+ started by a Googler discussing one reason why the company doesn’t provide much in the way of support. It says:

If you have a billion users, and a mere 0.1% of them have an issue that requires support on a given day (an average of one support issue per person every three years), and each issue takes 10 minutes on average for a human to personally resolve, then you’d spend 19 person-years handling support issues every day.

This is followed by numerous comments – some agreeing with his analysis. But some of the more interesting comments are made by people who disagree. There’s so much frustration out there regarding Google’s lack of help, and several people make a compelling argument that this is more a lack of interest than resources.

There are plenty, especially those who deal with local search, that talk endlessly about how Google is hurting small businesses with its buggy Places product. I try to avoid getting too into this – it is what it is, I don’t think it will really change unless Google’s monopoly over the consumer starts to change – they know businesses just have to deal with it. But I suggest you check out the discussion, as it has more insightful comments than most.

Read the discussion at DeWitt Clinton – Google+ – Thought of the day: If you have a billion users, and a…. – found via Search Engine Roundtable and @Localoptimizer.

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