The Worst Websites – Restaurants?

Awful Restaurant Websites

This great article at Slate asks the question:

Why are restaurant websites so horrifically bad?

The article discusses the overdone animation, slow page loads, difficult navigation, and general lack of easy-to-find content that plagues the industry.

I think it’s true that the restaurant industry suffers from these issues even more than most, but it’s something seen far too often on small business websites of all types.

Business owners sometimes feel that if they’re going to spend the money for a nice website, they should get something flashy, with lots of animation or maybe even sound. Yet when most of us use a website, we’re there to get some information – and all the gimmickry just gets in the way.

The article also points out that many menus are uploaded as .pdf’s because the companies can’t easily update their websites (which I think is a killer feature), and no one likes to download a .pdf when it could just as easily be displayed directly on the web page.

Visit Slate to read the whole thing – and if your website fits the “a bit too wild” (or un-updateable) category – check out my more user-friendly business websites.

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