The Power of Twitter

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I’ve written previously about why your business should and should not use Twitter. But a recent report from Exact Target really pins down one of the great things about the social network.

As the report states:

Twitter users are the most influential online consumers, and their influence spreads across all areas of the internet.

It says that 72% of real (ie, active) Twitter users publish blog posts at least once a month, and 61% write at least one product review per month. These numbers compare to 14% and 20% for the average web user.

Some other data includes (Twitter users vs. general web population):

  • Post to forums – 75% vs 25%
  • Upload video – 53% vs 10%
  • Post to wikis – 50% vs 7%
  • Sell online – 49% vs 14%
  • Post coupons – 48% vs 10%

Although Twitter is much smaller than Facebook, its population contributes heavily around the web, influencing opinions far outside of Twitter itself. For small businesses, it means that although most of your customers probably can’t be reached via Twitter, the odds of connecting with someone influential that will spread the word about your company elsewhere are relatively high.

The Twitter piece is just one out of a series of studies provided free by ExactTarget, although registration is required. Thanks to The Next Web for highlighting the study and @BeaverBetty for pointing it out.

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