Small Business Tip: Bootstrap Your Phone System with Hosted VoIP

The following is a guest post from Nicole Hayward, Marketing Director for OnSIPIf you have any questions, please feel free to comment on the blog or email Nicole (AT) junctionnetworks (DOT) com.

SaaS: Helping Businesses Everywhere

For the past few years, small business hosted solutions have popped up everywhere.  SMB’s in varying industries are managing projects on Basecamp, tracking CRM efforts in Salesforce, and invoicing clients in Freshbooks. With these solutions, businesses no longer need to worry about deploying and updating software, backing up their data, accessing the data from multiple locations, etc. (Not to mention hiring an IT professional to do all this.) Now, businesses can use these Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to bootstrap their processes. Did you know that your phone service can be a SaaS, too?

Hosted VoIP is a type of SaaS that makes a phone system pain-free. Gone are the days where you need to hire an IT professional (or wait for half a day for the phone company) to install phones and extensions. You can simply sign up for a hosted VoIP service, order phones, and manage the extensions like you would email accounts.

What is Hosted VoIP?

OK, let’s back up for a minute to discuss, What is Hosted VoIP?  Voice Over IP essentially turns your broadband connection into a phone line. You simply need an IP phone with the broadband connection, or a soft phone app on your computer and a headset. You can purchase IP phones on Amazon, or on Telephony Depot. When you make a VoIP call, your voice data travels over the internet. But, a Hosted VoIP provider connects your calls to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which means you can use your VoIP phone like any traditional phone: Dial anyone, anywhere.

A Hosted VoIP provider will also enable you to assign extensions to phones and will generally offer the business capabilities you need for your phones –  like voicemail, conferencing, hold, call transfer, etc. You could actually achieve all this if you were to deploy your own VoIP software (a Private Branch Exchange, or PBX), but Hosted VoIP providers will do this all for you.  Yes, it’s a SaaS!

How Can Hosted VoIP Enhance Your Business?

Now, let’s look at some more reasons as to why SMB’s can benefit from Hosted VoIP:

Professional Image: Hosted VoIP providers offer an array of phone system features. One basic feature is the auto-attendant, a voice that answers a call and prompts the caller to dial extensions. This feature gives your business a professional, legitimate image from the get-go.

Efficiency: As with any SaaS, hosted VoIP can simplify your business process by giving you the DIY tools to set up your own extensions and phone system features. This is efficient as you minimize time spent on hold with a phone company, and you cut out the need for hiring an IT professional. Plus, there are features in hosted VoIP that can make YOU more efficient. For example, some hosted VoIP providers have a mobile app solution, allowing you to run the app on your phone and answer your work phone calls from the road. And, some hosted VoIP providers can actually email your voicemails to you, so you never need to dial your voicemail and your password to sift through voicemails. There are many other features that can make your life simpler. As the core of hosted VoIP is software, the possibilities are endless. So, research which hosted VoIP company works best for your business.

Cost Savings: Hosted VoIP generally costs less than traditional phone service and on-premises VoIP. For traditional versus VoIP: VoIP wins out because there’s less infrastructure (phone lines and switches) that your calls will travel over – especially true for long distance and international calling. This means the providers’ costs are less, which should translate to your cost savings. For hosted versus on-premises: With hosted, there’s no need to manage a server and the software for your VoIP phone system. This translates in to cost savings in employee time spent (IT person), plus equipment costs.

Scalability: Most SMB’s aim to grow. Again, with hosted VoIP, adding a new employee can mean simply adding an extension in an admin interface and following a few instructions to configure a phone to that extension. And, if your business moves locations, there’s no need to re-install a system. Your business simply takes the phones with them and plugs in to the broadband connections in the new office.

So where can you get Hosted VoIP? Well, of course I recommend OnSIP because of its innovative service and cost savings. But, you can research what service works best for you by simply Googling “Hosted VoIP” and shopping around.

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